The Taliban Taking Over & A Man Shoots Himself

This dream took place during the day, and part of the dream involved the Taliban taking over Afghanistan as a man was giving tours of Afghanistan while also filming a documentary.

To avoid the Taliban attacking him, the man would pretend that the documentary was just about the Taliban, which was not true, they were going to be in it, but the documentary was not just about them.

His trick worked, and the Taliban did not attack him or kill him as he gave people tours while also filming his documentary.

The end of the dream involved me walking away from maybe a college-like area to walk through a field with a small hill as I made my way toward the sidewalk to cross the street, and continue to wherever I was going.

There was a small graveyard by the field, a man walked some people over there, he shot himself, and then he started shooting at the others trying to kill them; but they escaped.

The man must have shot himself in a way & spot that did not do much damage, I assume, my guess was that he did this to make it seem that he had been attacked, so that he could kill the other people & claim self-defense.

They escaped & I was a witness, and so that assumed plan would have failed.

I somehow ended up talking with him as we sat on the hill, I probably did this to distract him from shooting anyone else until the police arrived, and I probably convinced him to put away or drop the gun.

While we sat there talking, I heard police sirens, and various aircraft flew over the area, including: airplanes, maybe a helicopter, and a somewhat futuristic strange-looking white drone that possibly belonged to a company.

Because we were sitting down talking, it was not clear if the police realized that he was still in the field, and it was not clear if they even knew who they were looking for.

Some aircraft made several passes over the field, I wondered what was taking the police so long, I did not really want to get caught up in this, and so I probably started to leave; but I can not remember if he stayed or started to leave as well, and I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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