Flying To Avoid A Devil-Like Entity & Creatures & Other Humans

Legend (7/11) Movie CLIP – Darkness Seduces Lili (1985) HD

At some point in this dream, my entire family (except for my brother CC’s family) & I were near a fictional fairground during the day, this dream possibly took place in a fictional version of DeRidder, but I am not sure; and I was wearing a cloth face mask (so I assume that the COVID-19 pandemic was still going on).

I had false memories of a bridge to the left of this area with a pond & a homeless somewhat older man with light-color skin who used to live there, the bridge & pond & homeless man were no longer there now, and an automobile dealership was in that area now; and so I guess they tore down the bridge & filled in the pond.

To the right, a tennis tournament was taking place, so I went over there, I thought about joining the tennis tournament, but I can not remember if I did or not.

After the tennis tournament, there was a fair taking place at the fairground, and so I went there with my family.

A stereotype of a maybe large & muscular maybe red devil-like entity with maybe black horns, maybe like the character The Lord Of Darkness from the 1985 movie Legend, possibly showed up with some creatures, and his creatures probably hunted down certain people who possibly had powers (superpowers, special abilities) & maybe any humans who wore face masks & anyone who would not join him.

The assumed devil-like entity also used the humans who joined him to help hunt down other humans, I was wearing a mask & I had powers (superpowers), and so I had to avoid the creatures & the humans who had joined the devil-like entity because I was among the people being hunted.

The devil-like entity possibly was able to give powers (superpowers) to the humans who joined him, but I can not remember.

I had the superpower to fly in this dream, I could not fly that high or that well, only slightly better than in my previous dream with flying, but this did help me to avoid the creatures & humans who were hunting me down.

I can not remember if I fought back or not, I just remember hiding & flying to avoid the creatures & humans who were helping the devil-like entity.

I can not remember what they did to people, like me, who they were hunting down; my wild guess is that he wanted to convert us to his side or kill us if we refused and / or take our superpowers if we refused.

I assume that we were a threat to him taking over, since we had superpowers & did not join him, and so he needed to take us out first and / or convert us quickly before we start fighting back.

I am not sure what happened to my family, hopefully they had escaped, I just remember hiding inside a tent or building at the fairground at some point, but maybe some Mennonite children (girls & boys) who had joined the devil-like entity found me.

I did not want to hurt the children, so I started to fly away to avoid them as they & other people & creatures & then maybe the devil-like entity himself tried to attack and / or capture me.

I flew around avoiding & dodging them, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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