Flying In India | A Witch Bomb?

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Finale | Sneak Peek: Petra Plans An Offensive | Freeform

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in India, at some point I started to fly to avoid something, oddly no one seemed to care that I could fly.

At some point I met an Indian woman, we possibly went on a date & we possibly started dating, I could be wrong, but I think that she was my girlfriend or was about to become my girlfriend.

At some point, we started to look for somewhere to stay instead of living at her parent’s house, maybe we were staying at her parent’s house at the time, and we wanted to move out to our own place; but I can not remember.

During our house / apartment search, we helped various people along the way, and we dealt with various threats; and I probably used my superpower to fly sometimes during this (especially to fight threats).

My assumed girlfriend did not seem to care that I could fly either, even though I was probably the only person in the dream who could fly, they did not act like it was strange that I could fly.

At some point, when my assumed girlfriend & I were outside talking as I flew, I decided to land & walk as we talked as things slowly became more romantic as we walked back to her parent’s house.

Eventually, things heated up so much that my assumed girlfriend could not contain herself & she jumped on me from the front & wrapped her legs around me, and we made out as I continued walking trying to make it to the house.

This felt so real, I could feel her weight, the texture & hardness / softness of her clothes, the heat from her body, the feeling of her muscles / fat / skin / bones, et cetera.

Unfortunately, I woke up as we reached the fence, still making out.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, I was at a business / house where fictional & real witches (like General Petra Bellweather) from the TV show Motherland: Fort Salem working & lived, I assume that I was a witch too because I used some magic in this dream & I was working there too, but I am not sure if we were all in the United States Army or not.

At some point when I was in the living room / main area, I noticed a strange small dent in the floor that was filled with water, inside of it was an insect-looking creature that was not moving, I mentioned this to General Petra Bellweather & another female witch.

We took it out of the water, it still did not move, but it started growing rapidly.

Somehow, we quickly figured out that it could explode like a bomb & that the bigger it got, the stronger the explosion would be, it was some kind of magic bomb / witch bomb that someone had secretly planted to kill us, and so I quickly threw it outside in the sky.

I probably used magic to make it go very high in the sky & then I and / or another witch made it explode high in the sky safely.

General Bellweather then noticed another strange spot on the floor, this was not a dent of water this time, it was barely noticeable, something just did not look right on the wooden floor, and so General Bellweather used magic to cut a circle in the floor in that area to see what was hiding below.

To our surprise, under the first layer of the floor was nothing but water, the last layer prevented it from leaking outside, and so basically the entire under floor of the house was probably full of water that was probably connected to the magic bomb / witch bomb that we had found & destroyed.

We started to investigate around the house, we split up to also warn the other witches, I entered a room where two female witches were, and their floor was starting to flood with water that was coming from beneath the first layer.

I warned them about the situation as I started to use magic to send the water outside the window, I sent them to warn the others & evacuate, but I woke up as I was clearing all of the water out the room with magic.

The end,

  • John Jr

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