Sneaking Around Afghanistan

This dream took place in Afghanistan during the evening or night, I was with a group of Afghans & people from one or more countries like The United States including my coworker Mr. CF & maybe a few American soldiers & maybe Afghan anti-Taliban resistance fighters, and we were outside sneaking on foot somewhere.

We walked to what looked very much like Ms. R’s abandoned yard, which was near what looked very much like The E House / yard, we seemed to be trying to avoid the Taliban, Mr. CF & any American soldiers and / or Afghan resistance fighters who may or may not have been with us, walked next door to what looked like The E House / yard which was being used as a temporary military base / hideout by a few American soldiers & Afghan resistance fighters.

I forgot to mention that during our walk, I talked with an Afghan woman who was wearing traditional clothing & a head covering, her husband was there too.

Her husband & most of the men left when Mr. CF & the others walked next door to the military base / hideout, her husband seemed suspicious & so was his exit, he even left without telling his wife, and I started to fear that her husband & some of the men were going to go tell the Taliban where the military base / hideout was.

The woman & I had a very good conversation, and our connection grew throughout our conversation.

At some point we heard Mr. CF talking loudly like he was warning someone, we could not see because of the privacy fence, and so we walked over to the military base / hideout to see what was going on.

Security was terrible, we were able to walk into the yard without a problem, only one or two people were barely on guard, including Mr. CF who was guarding the backyard it seemed.

Mr. CF was dressed nicely & he was talking with an older woman, to our surprise, nothing seemed to be wrong, and it seemed that like maybe Mr. CF & the woman were possibly considering going on a date at some point.

The woman & I continued our great conversation, from this area since it was safer, for now, and the woman revealed that she was not sure where her husband went & why he did not tell her & if this meant that he was divorcing her or if they were really even legally married et cetera.

She started to question her faith in her religion, her possible non-marriage, and her culture.

Our connection continued to grow during this, and we even walked back to the other yard which we were using a temporarily camp / hideout.

If her & her husband were not really married & if he really broke up with her and / or if she decided to break up with him, I started to consider the possibility of dating the woman, and seeing if she wanted to escape Afghanistan; but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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