Brave Search Beta

Introducing Brave Search Beta

What is it?

The free beta web search engine Brave Search by Brave, and this is how Brave describes this search engine:

Brave Search doesn’t track you or your queries. Ever. Private, independent, and transparent, Brave Search is the real alternative to Google. On mobile, desktop, and anywhere the web takes you. Search private. Search with confidence.

Click here to learn how to set Brave Search as your default search engine.

The Most PRIVATE Search Engine (2021)
The Brave Search Engine. Will This Be The Google Killer?

My Thoughts

Brave Search beta was released last month, it is currently a public beta, but it is currently my favorite search engine.

I have been using this search engine for a couple of weeks now, when it comes to privacy focused search engines, I like it better than DuckDuckGo.

While Google Search is still the best search engine overall, I like Brave Search better, and I have been using Google Search less than ever & I have not been using DuckDuckGo at all.

I now only use Google Search when I need to find the contact information for a business very quickly, and rarely when I want to compare its results with Brave Search to see if I am missing out on anything or not.

I am very impressed how good Brave Search is, especially since it is currently a beta version, and they have been improving it in the few weeks that I have been using it.

Brave Search is currently ad free as well, they may eventually add privacy respecting ads in the future, and they may also have an ad free pay version; but they are still trying to decide on that et cetera.

I definitely recommend trying Brave Search by Brave, and their web browser called Brave Browser (which is a free open source privacy focused web browser with built-in ad & tracker blocking & supports Google Chrome browser extensions & has other features).

The end,

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