Seeing My Reflection Leads To A Lucid Dream With French

This dream took place in another country, at some point I saw my reflection in a window or wall or mirror & my glasses (eyeglasses) were very tinted & would not transition back to clear (everything else was normal), I have photochromic (transition) lenses, this confused me, and so I started doing a reality check eventually I assume.

During my reality check I closed my eyes & I opened them again to see if anything changed, I remember being surprised that I did not accidentally wake up, so at this point I knew that it was a dream, and so it became a lucid dream.

Unfortunately, I can not remember most of the many magical & cool things that happened during the lucid parts of the dream, I probably used some of my dream powers like teleportation & flight et cetera.

Maybe I met other people & entities who had superpowers and / or who were magical / paranormal / et cetera, maybe the dream world was cool & magical as well, and some very cool & magical things probably happened as I explored the lucid dream while probably testing out my dream powers.

At some point, I probably forgot that I was dreaming & the dream continued on as a semi-lucid dream where I was able to think more clearly & consciously than normal, but it continued on more like a normal dream.

I went shopping at a shopping mall, I met my former male classmate JC, and we walked & talked & shopped around the mall.

At some point when I was walking along the long hall that led to the entrance / exit, the wall was mostly glass, so you could see the outside, I heard a girl speaking French, and so I decided to try speaking with her in French only.

Amazingly, I was able to speak almost completely in French, except for a few words that I did not know and / or that were proper nouns & I accidentally used an Esperanto word or two that was / were very similar to the French word(s).

I was able to do this without having to pause as much as you would expect for someone who has not studied any French this year or maybe even last year.

What I did was think about what I wanted to say in very simple sentences & I translated from English to French in my head, and then I would say the simple sentence in French.

Sometimes I used incomplete sentences, but most of what I said was correct & understandable.

I would form the sentence in French in my head, since it would be too difficult for me to speak it in real-time without thinking, and only then would I speak.

Fortunately, there was also enough time for me to do this without messing up the flow of the conversation, so it flowed pretty naturally without many pauses.

I was also able to mostly understand the girl, she spoke slower & in simpler sentences to make it easier for me probably, and so we walked & talked speaking in French as other people walked around shopping.

This was a fun & educational experience, I was proud of myself, and I possibly broke my dream record for using another language in a dream that much & for that long.

I am learning Esperanto in real life, and so I am not sure why I dreamed of French. 😀

During our conversation in French, I kept calling her mademoiselle, I greeted her with bonjour mademoiselle, and we talked about several things.

Unfortunately I can not remember most of what we talked about, I possibly told her that I was learning Esperanto, but I can not remember.

I ended our conversation by thanking her, merci mademoiselle, and saying au revoir à bientôt.

I then walked outside, it was a nice day outside, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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