A Leader Ritual Ceremony?

Lazy overview of my dream:

In this dream I was at The E House with some of my family, some of my mom’s side of the family, Cher or a Cher-like woman wearing a 1980s leather outfit with 1980s big hair, a group of people with light-medium color skin who were part of the same culture (maybe an island culture), and the young son (I am not sure if he was half human & half whatever the powerful male entity was, but I do know that he seemed weak; and like he still had growing to do before he would gain his powers, or it was not clear if he would ever gain his powers or not) of a powerful paranormal & supernatural male entity (I am not sure if he was a god or what he was).

We were clearing some things out of the house, and then we went outside to meet in a field for some kind of ritual ceremony-like thing that seemed like something that we possibly did annually or something.

Unfortunately, I can not remember the details, I just know that part of the ritual ceremony involved summoning the power male entity to choose the new leader.

I am not sure if the male entity had a physical body, I just remember him possibly being partly (maybe just his upper body) projected in the sky in a giant humanoid spirit or holographic form that was possibly somewhat like maybe a genie with maybe blueish or purplish or grayish color skin & a powerful loud booming voice.

I am not sure who the male entity chose to be the leader for this year, the dream quickly showed two or more years of this ritual ceremony, I do remember him laughing with his loud powerful booming voice, and that I was chosen as the leader during one of the years.

I remember lightning striking the area one year, and so the next year we did the ritual ceremony under a covered area outside so that we would not have to worry about a lightning storm again; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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