JE Wants A Ride & A Mafia Hostage Situation | A Witch Coven Revenge Hostage Situation

Dream 1

It is night, 1 AM, my brother GC and I are trying to return home to a fictional version of my parent’s house.

GC stops outside a church in the yard, possibly near a tiny graveyard, and I walk over there too.

Our aunt JE walks from near some bushes wanting a ride to a store as GC was trying to move The Blue Van to leave, and she tried to block the van.

I tell her no, that I will pass on her message to mom about her wanting a ride to a store, but that I doubted that my mom will take her now because she was probably sleep & it was 1 AM.

My JE responded that, she (my mom) better give her a ride, and then my brother GC & I drove home.

Our parents were trying to sleep, police helicopters started flying over, and my mom woke up.

I told her about JE, my mom then had me set my heavy backpack on the floor to block the door of the house, so that no one could push it open.

I got a phone call asking me to help a store owner, he was being held hostage by a mafia-like group at his store, the mafia-like group want him to open his safe or something like that.

Someone else & I went to the store, we decided to comply with the mafia demands to save the store owner’s life, the store owner was not happy about this; but it did save his life.

The end of the dream involved a movie-like scene being filmed of me entering a room with people who were sitting on the ground with their eyes closed while showing off for the camera.

My former male classmate JC was one of the people, he was doing exercises erotically, that his how he was showing off to the camera oddly, but I woke up.

Dream 2

I am at a multi-story multipurpose building that has a college and more, I walk through a hallway, and I entered a classroom where a young woman is sleeping and wakes up.

She has an encounter of some kind with a boyfriend of a witch, she gets angry & leaves, she is also a witch, and she returns to her witch coven to get them to help her get revenge on the other witch’s boyfriend et cetera.

The woman & her coven return & kidnap the other witch’s boyfriend, and they held him hostage inside a library inside this building.

I was somewhat of a witness, so I shared what I saw & heard with his girlfriend, and with the girlfriend’s mom who had light-medium color skin & was a witch too & was maybe the leader of a different coven that the girlfriend was also part of.

After meeting with the girlfriend, her mom, and their coven; I rode with them to the library to help them negotiate the return of the boyfriend.

Both covens agreed to a deal where the boyfriend would be released unharmed, that this is the end of hostilities between both covens, and that both covens would leave in peace.

I recommended that the girlfriend’s coven check the boyfriend for any damage, poison, and curses & hexes first.

They checked the boyfriend, they probably found one or more curses / hexes et cetera on him, and so they ordered the other coven to remove all of them now, or they would be attacked.

The other coven removed the curses / hexes et cetera, the girlfriend’s coven checked the boyfriend again, everything was clear this time, and both sides went their separate ways.

The end of the dream involved me walking around on the first floor of the building trying to find somewhere to get some food to eat.

I stopped to ask a male college student, he said that there were some vending machines around somewhere, and so I continued walking to find them.

I walked into a large room where a gathering with food & drink et cetera was taking place, but I woke up as I walked through it.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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