Business Stuff | Joey Diaz In A Library | A Woman Trying To Kill An Animal

Dream 1

This dream took place outside during the day in a parking lot of a store, and a woman and I were helping each other.

She had a chocolate-like candy bar product that she had to figure out how to sell, and so she was going over business stuff.

She was trying to learn about it and how to best sell it.

I had something similar, maybe, that I was trying to do.

We worked separately sometimes, and at other times we worked together helping each other while getting feedback from people in the parking lot.

Dream 2

In this dream, Joey Diaz and I were sitting in a library talking, and the library was just one part of a larger building that probably had other things in it.

He was reading a magazine that the library had that had some advertisements with some female porn stars (actresses) who looked younger than they really were.

None of the advertisements were pornographic or inappropriate, they were just normal ads for various normal products scattered around the magazine among the normal magazine page, the women in them just happen to be porn stars.

Even so, the library kicked Mr. Diaz out of the library for simply reading that magazine, which was one of their magazines, I guess when they realized that some porn stars were in there, they falsely assumed that it was pornographic.

I left the library after they kicked Mr. Diaz out, and I walked & talked with him as we walked away from the library while still inside the larger building that it was part of.

Dream 3

In this dream, I was inside a building with a super tall ceiling (probably over 4 stories high) with some other people.

Several people & I were walking carefully on some unsecured wood planks on a metal super tall scaffolding-like structure.

We were super high up, if we fell, we would die, and I have no idea how we got up there & how we were going to get down.

While we were up there, a tall obese woman with light-color skin entered the room below where the other people were, she had an animal of some kind, an animal that can be a pet or food, maybe a rabbit, but I can not remember.

The woman was trying to kill it, maybe for food or maybe to euthanize it, her first attempt failed, as the people below started complaining trying to get her to stop, then she tried to suffocate it, but the people grew more angry & started moving toward her; and so she stopped.

Somehow I got down, there is a small chance that the dream became a semi-lucid dream or a lucid dream briefly, I possibly could not find a way down, and had to get myself to hope that this was a dream & I possibly jumped or flew or floated down; but I can not remember.

I walked outside, the other people possibly chased the woman away outside, and I remember walking near maybe where the Popeyes in DeRidder should be.

My parents had a fictional house near there, it was evening or night, and in their yard was a cat & a dog & a guinea pig & several other non-human animals.

But I woke up as I entered the yard.

The end,

  • John Jr

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