Dune Video Reviews | A Drone Self-Destructs | A Screaming Telemarketer

Dream 1

This dream involved fake video reviews of the movie Dune (2021) interrupting my sleep, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place outside during the evening or late afternoon in my parent’s yard, and I was standing up talking to my mom near where the dogs should be.

While talking, I noticed a strange-looking thin aircraft flying in the sky, at first I thought that maybe it was a Russian aircraft.

The strange aircraft landed in our yard where the basketball goals used to be, and now it looked more like a silver advanced experimental new American drone.

I have never seen an aircraft that looked exactly like it before, only somewhat similar, it clearly was a drone, based on its small size & design.

I quickly picked up the assumed drone, I am not sure if I did this because it seemed to be stuck or why I did it exactly, it felt real.

I could feel the weight, the smooth metal texture & hardness et cetera, and I quickly dropped it in a new position on the ground because I was not sure if it was dangerous to touch & whether it would try to fly before I could set it back down.

I accidentally dropped it at an angle on a slight hill in the grass, there was no landing gear or anything, so the bottom of the assumed drone was on the grass & dirt somewhat stuck in it.

My mom & I quickly moved back toward the house as it started trying to fly again, it was probably very quiet, if not silent, but it seemed to be stuck.

I got my mobile phone out of my pocket hoping to get some photographs & videos of this strange assumed drone, it only tried to fly a few short seconds before activating a self-destruct it seemed after it failed to take off, like it / they knew that we were watching & were about to take some photographs & video.

It caught fire, my mom & I ran on the front porch & into the house, and it blew up as we were entering the house.

I remember us getting down on the floor, fortunately the explosion did not destroy or damage our house, I remember thinking that was a waste of aircraft to self-destruct it so quickly like that.

It looked pretty high-tech & expensive, but I woke up.

Dream 3

In this dream, I was in a living room, and a female telemarketer called my mobile phone.

She said something that I did not understand, it seemed that it was a political call, I asked her what was this about, and she started to play an audio recording explaining what this call was about.

My mobile phone screen accidentally locked, somehow the telemarketer knew this & falsely assumed that I was about to hang up the phone, and so she started screaming angrily.

While she was streaming, I tried to unlock my phone screen, so that I could hang up now; but my screen was acting weird, and various apps were glitching.

Eventually, I was able to unlock my screen & exit out of the glitching apps, and hang up while she was still screaming; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

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