Mr. CF & Stevie Wonder | Talking In The Staff Bathroom | What If I See Brian Laundrie

Dream 1

In this dream I went to an area between two countries, while there I got to speak a bit of French, my coworker Mr. CF was there & he probably helped me translate some French, and he told me a story from a previous security guard job of his about how he once met & helped Stevie Wonder.

Dream 2

In this dream, I was working at a slightly fictional larger version of The BP Library, and I stopped to talk to my female coworker KE & my coworker Ms. RB in the staff bathroom with the door open.

We were wearing our masks, so I assume that the COVID-19 pandemic was still going on, during our conversation I realized that I was talking too loudly, and so I immediately made an effort to talk more quietly & more calmly while listening more.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

In this dream, I was dreaming about what-if scenarios of what I should / can / would do if I thought I saw Brian Laundrie (the fiancée of Gabby Petito) in public, specifically what-if he came to The BP Library while I am there working.

During these what-if scenarios, I wondered would I be allowed to record video & take photographs of him & what would be the best way to stealthily do it, would I be allowed to call the police to report him, et cetera to make sure I am not breaking privacy rules et cetera of our library.

If we could call the police, what would be the best way to inform my coworkers to do it while I distract him, what would be the best way to distract him, and what should I do when the police arrive.

This dream involved me thinking about & acting out some of these scenarios, but I woke up before I could explore them enough.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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