Working At A Struggling Orphanage

His Dark Materials | Dafne Keen: Bringing Lyra Belacqua to Life | HBO

In this dream, I was working alone (I seemed to be the only adult working there) at a struggling orphanage, all the orphans were kids (children), including the character Lyra Belacqua (Lyra Silvertongue) (played by the actress Dafne Keen) from the TV show His Dark Materials.

At some point when we were eating a meal of cabbage soup-like stuff & maybe hushpuppies (which tasted real), I fell ill, so ill, that I lost consciousness.

I woke up still inside the dream, I was very sick, I could not even get out of bed, I was very weak & drained, I possibly was hot like I had a fever (but I am not sure), I was dehydrated & thirsty, et cetera; it felt like I was dying, like when you get a very bad case of the Flu or something.

This was definitely among the sickest that I have ever felt in a dream, and it felt realistic; I was definitely bedridden.

In this dream Lyra had maybe an older brother, or she treated him somewhat like a brother who showed up, he was played by the actor Antony Starr, and it was like he was playing a character in a movie.

There was something not right about him, to me, it seemed that he was in love with / obsessed with Lyra & was trying to be with her, and I wondered if he had poisoned me to get rid of me as the only adult there to stop him.

I was so weak, that someone had to bring me something to drink or eat because I could not even sit up in bed, I could barely even talk, I was so weak that I had to whisper.

I whispered for someone to please bring me some water, unfortunately, Mr. Starr’s character brought me something to drink, I asked him what was it & what was in it, he would not answer the question really, and he just said something very vaguely.

I did not trust him & assumed that it was poisoned & that it would likely kill me now that I was so weakened, so I waited for him to leave, and I asked one of the orphans to bring me a cup of water.

I possibly told the orphan to not let anyone drink the liquid that Mr. Starr’s character had given me, I probably told them to pour it out, and maybe throw away the cup to be safe, or I planned to do it myself once I got enough strength to get up.

The orphan brought me some water, I started to drink it, and I started to feel better; and I asked for some food.

I kept my eye on Mr. Starr’s character, my plan was to try to quickly regain my strength while pretending to still be sick & weak, and I would be ready to deal with him if necessary.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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