Creatures In A Multi-Purpose Building Being Remodeled

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was walking around a very large multi-story multiple purpose windowless building with tall ceilings that was somewhat shopping mall-like with many types of businesses & other things like maybe an apartment & movie theater et cetera.

I remember walking along one of the upper floor hallways that had carpeted floors with some businesses along it, and in several areas there were a few monsters / creatures that would try to attack you.

Some of the creatures / monsters were magical / paranormal & maybe demonic-like, one had a somewhat flaming & lava-like glow to it, and it possibly looked somewhat like a warden from the video game Saints Row IV.

Some of the people & I tried to avoid and / or fight them as we walked by, they possibly would only chase you to a certain point before returning to their starting point, but I can not remember.

The end of the hallway had a large opening to another hallway, this area was clearly old & rough & under construction, there was no carpet there, it was just wood.

When we stepped in that area, the floor felt weak in some areas like you might fall through, and so we walked back to the previous hallway because it was not safe to continue to that part of the building.

This meant that we would have to cross the path of the monsters / creatures again, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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