Artificial Life & Jessica Robbin?

In this dream I was at The BP Library, and I was trying to make artificial life using human & electronic materials along with water & electricity like I was trying to make humanoid life from a clay-like mixture.

Somehow I had a powdered mix of materials that included human material of some kind along with maybe some other kind of natural material(s), I mixed it with water & possibly something else, and maybe I poured the mixture into several humanoid shaped molds & I waited for them to harden.

After they hardened enough, I shocked them with electricity along with maybe something else to try to make them come to life, but I can not remember if it worked or not.

I am not sure why I was trying to make artificial humanoid life forms, but I felt that my formula possibly had a chance of working if I could figure out a way to somehow make them come to life.

I forgot to mention that several of my coworkers were in the dream, like my female coworkers JB & AG & MR, Ms. SB & Ms. RB, and maybe several others.

At some point my female coworker MR was in the Children’s Section trying to watch a video, I walked over to see what video she was watching, and the video started with a woman laying on a massage table who looked like Jessica Robbin.

To me it looked like the start of a porn scene that would start with a simple massage, nothing pornographic was happening yet, but I felt that it would eventually; if so, I did not think that MR realized this, and so I was going to ask / warn her about this.

MR stopped the video before I could ask her, I possibly said something to her about it real quick, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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