Jimmy Dore News | Trying To Record Myself Flying In A Dream

Dream 1

This dream involved Jimmy Dore saying that he was going to start doing news from left, right, and center political points of view; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In this dream my family & I had recently moved into an old fictional one-story house where The Red Mobile Home used to be, except it was closer to the fence of The Ws.

To the right of the house was probably an abandoned house of our fictional neighbors who would probably come to check their mail & cut their grass et cetera, but they probably no longer lived in that house (I could be wrong though).

During the night or early morning when everyone was trying to sleep, I possibly woke up still in the dream, or maybe I never did go to sleep in the dream, I can not remember, and for reasons unknown I walked outside the house; and somehow I started trying to fly, and it worked.

I am not sure if I realized that I was dreaming or not, maybe it became a semi-lucid dream at this point, but I can not remember.

I probably floated up in the air vertically still standing, I possibly flew forward by slightly leaning my body forward, head first, I can not remember, and I flew toward The BP Library.

No one was probably outside because it was so late at night or early in the morning, so no one saw me flying, as I was flying over the parking lot across the street from The BP Library, I decided to fly back home so that I could try to use my Wyze Cam V3 to record myself flying to see if this was real or not and / or to see if I could somehow record evidence of myself flying in a dream.

I flew back home, I saw a camera on the mailbox, so I floated down, probably by tilting my body backward slightly with my feet or heels pointing toward the ground, and I tilted the camera upward so that it could record me floating in the air above the mailbox slightly.

I quickly realized that this was not my Wyze Cam V3, it was an old camera that was an off-white somewhat tan color from old age & being outside, and I realized that it was our neighbor’s mailbox & camera & not ours.

I landed on the ground, adjusted the camera back while apologizing so that the camera could record my apology, and I planned on leaving a note apologizing to the neighbors as well.

It started raining outside, I noticed some mail packages outside in our yard & some in our neighbor’s yard, and so I went to take our packages inside the house; but I can not remember if I moved the neighbor’s packages out of the rain or not.

I was going to look for my camera so that I could record myself flying, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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