Looking For A Bee Gees Music Album | New Coworkers

Lazy notes of my dreams:

Dream 1

I went to a fictional BP School Board building to visit some coworkers of my dad, one of the male coworkers is not there, and a dark-skin obese woman & her dark-skin boyfriend or husband were at a table.

They call the missing man’s office wanting a certain Bee Gees music album to check out, I assume, and I decide to try to find it for them.

They were not nice & were very rude, I struggled to find the music album, and I was taking too long.

Dream 2

This dream took place at a fictional larger nicer more modern version of The BP Library, I had two new fictional female coworkers, and one of them reminded me of a combination of my new female coworker MR & my former female coworker FP & another woman.

One or both of them shared an office with a nice large ceiling & large windows with at least three desks with one on the left & one on the right & one at the back of the room.

The coworker who reminded me of several of my coworkers told me that her dad was recently arrested over something involving money, and during this she was drinking a fancy possibly alcoholic drink that did not taste good according to her.

On her desk she had a nice large rock with various types of crystals in it, and my brother GC & my coworker Ms. JM & the other fictional female coworker were in the room with us.

The fictional female coworker with the rock of crystals on her desk had a dessert that was possibly a cake that had two dark layers with white cream or frosting between them, she said that it was too sweet for her, and so she let me have it; but I woke up as I was trying it.

The end,

  • John Jr

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