Angry Richard Nixon | Running From Homelander | JB Using Sign Language

Lazy notes of my dreams:

Dream 1

This dream involved the American Horror Story: Double Feature character Richard Nixon being mad at me about something, he claimed that I told him something that was not true, he actually heard me talking to someone else & misunderstood what I had said, he rants to his sons about this as I sneak away through a nearby college sports game.

Dream 2

This dream involved a man’s family who went out of town and went missing, met a man who said that he met the missing family, and that he literally used them as bait or something weird like that.

Something weird possibly happened in that city, I possibly had superpowers, the character Homelander from The Boys showed up threatening people, and he told me to sit down; I guess he planned on dealing with me next.

A female thief & her team pass (maybe drive) by running from the police, I run too, and Homelander was chasing & probably killing people.

Superman, Batman, and several other superheroes join to probably try to stop Homelander from killing people; but they are no match, and Homelander probably starts killing and / or defeating them too.

The female thief & her team were good at escaping with fancy action movie-like skills & equipment, they were escaping while Homelander was distracted with other people, and I probably was going to escape while he was distracted as well.

I probably did not try to fight Homelander, if I did, it did not seem that I was a match, he was probably too powerful, and so I probably focused on escaping.

Dream 3

I had this dream when I took a nap after work, the end of this dream involved me being at work at The BP Library near the main patron entrance talking to my female coworker JB, but JB did not look like herself exactly.

JB was balding, she had hair covering her head, but it was only a thin layer; and her hair was probably brown & not red, and she had it in a ponytail.

JB’s face / appearance looked a bit different from real life, she also did not talk verbally, she only communicated with sign language, oddly.

I do not know sign language, but somehow in the dream I was able to understand some of it.

Somehow, I could see subtitles below JB’s hands as she signed, this allowed me to understand some of what she was signing, and I some words I just knew magically without the subtitles.

Even in the dream, this made no sense & confused me, and I even mentioned this to JB as I told her that I was somehow able to see subtitles & understand some of what she was signing.

The end,

  • John Jr

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