MT’s Restaurant | The Ghost Of Mr. FF

Lazy overview of my dreams:

Dream 1

In this dream, I went to a restaurant, a waitress with light-color skin there was rude to me, and she kept trying to get me to leave before I could even order my food.

My former male classmate MT walked over to see what was going on, I learned that he was the owner of this restaurant, I explained the situation to him, and he apologized to me.

MT walked the waitress to the back to talk to her, he returned to me, he probably said that I would get a free meal, and he asked for my phone number because he planned to visit me one day.

Dream 2

In this dream, my dad and I walked to my aunt JE’s yard, where her recently deceased neighbor Mr. FF had started a small garden in the front of her yard.

My dad laid down the few vegetable plants that were in the garden because someone told him that would allegedly help the plants somehow.

Mr. FF & our former neighbor Mr. TC walked over talking, and Mr. FF complained about the plants being laid down even though his garden was in my aunt JE’s yard without her permission & should be in his yard across the street; and my dad was only trying to help, even though laying the plants down to help them made no sense to me, but he was only following what someone else had suggested.

Mr. FF’s car was parked in Mr. TC’s former yard, Mr. FF walked to his car still complaining about this as my dad & I started walking back home as he was getting into his car, and as we were walking away I realized / remembered that Mr. FF had died recently; and then my dad remembered this as well.

We both stopped, looked at each other confused, how did we just hear & see & talk to Mr. FF if he died a few weeks ago & already had a funeral, and we started talking about this as we turned around to see if Mr. FF had left in his car yet.

I woke up as we tried to make sense of this, was that Mr. FF’s ghost / spirit, someone who looked like him, et cetera?

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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