Tongue Stitches | A Vampire Girl?

Lazy overview of my dreams:

Dream 1

In this dream a female nurse stitched my hurt tongue, I am not sure how I hurt my tongue, and a male doctor checked it after she stitched it.

My family lived in a house that was where my aunt JE’s house should be, when I returned, my mom & one of my brothers were outside in the yard.

They cooked some baked chicken along with some vegetables & something else, and I moved some outdoor furniture (maybe a table) for them.

Dream 2

I am not sure if I was in this dream or not, it took place during the day at a party that was mostly taking place outside a house, among the various people at the party was a man who was worried about whether audio was playing or not from some kind of device that he had, and a very pale little girl.

At some point the man walked inside the house, the pale little girl followed him quickly without anyone noticing, and while moving quickly her face had a blur effect & it looked like her face turned upside down; it was pretty creepy & weird.

Besides the brief blur effect & upside down face, she suddenly had fangs like a vampire, her face probably turned back to normal, except maybe she looked more vampire-like, and she attacked the man from behind by grabbing him & biting him on his neck to drink his blood I assume.

This happened very fast & was creepy, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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