Time Travel & President Joe Biden Signing Bills

Lazy overview of my dream:

In this dream, some people, my mom, and I time travel along with a van to the past; and Conor McGregor was possibly in the dream.

When we were ready to time travel back to the present / future, we were going to pay Conor McGregor’s sister to let us use her car temporarily while she was going to drive our van back to our city.

We were considering having someone in the past to time travel to the present / future temporarily to bring us our van, but we were worried about the chance of them accidentally spreading COVID-19 back in the past when they return; and so we were trying to come up with instructions to help them prevent this, or we were not going to try that & would have to think of something else.

At some point I time traveled back to present / future outside my parent’s back door & maybe in the living room maybe, while I was outside the back door, The President Of The United States Joe Biden walked outside angrily with a notepad of government bills et cetera that needed to be signed or not signed.

The Vice President Of The United States Kamala Harris walked outside as well, we both offered to help President Biden several times with several things, he declined our help each time, Vice President Harris offered to help him a few too many times, asking him several times if he was sure that he did not need scissors et cetera, which made President Biden angrier & he yelled at her, and so Vice President Harris went back inside as President Biden angrily signed assumed bill after bill.

A woman with dark-color skin with black hair wearing a dark-color dress outfit walked outside looking serious, she seemed to be a government agent of some kind, maybe an intelligence agent or United States Secret Service agent, and she asked me a question about what looked like an old damaged military photograph of my dad on the chicken cage (coop) in the alley in front of us & another possibly military photograph or painting of a man to the left of it.

She asked me something like whether I could imagine the face from the photograph of whom I assumed was my dad being on the other photograph or painting, I thought that was an odd question & thing for her to notice first instead of angry President Biden signing bills without really reading them.

To me it felt that this woman pointed this out & asked this question as a hidden message or warning to me, I wondered if she realized that my dad was possibly in one of those photographs, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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