Flying & Training In Martial Arts

Lazy overview of my dream:

This dream took place in a fictional city, at some point I started being able to fly, and I tried to train some other dream characters to use dream powers.

I remember flying over the city during the evening, at some point I went to a fictional version of my parent’s house where I briefly trained in some martial arts (mixed martial arts basically) with a somewhat tall very muscular woman with light-medium color skin who spoke with a slight accent, maybe she was Brazilian & African, imagine a slightly darker-skinned Gabi Garcia at her most muscular.

Gabi Garcia (Brazil) vs Seini Draughn (USA) | KNOCKOUT, MMA fight HD

Later I started training with a smaller dark-skinned woman, during our sparring session she stunned me with a stomach punch that knocked the wind out of me, but I managed to survive using a clinch & a takedown on her.

While I was going for a rear naked choke on her, my previous martial arts trainer started choking the woman, and I tried to stop her.

She was acting crazy, and she seemed to have a thing for smaller & thin women & underage girls that seemed pedophile-like.

She mentioned something about how their urine tasted good or something nasty like that, we told her that was not right & that she needed to get some help, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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