MR & I Watching Videos | American Idol In A Store?

Lazy notes of my dreams:

Dream 1

Someone ghosting or acting out the moves of someone else, and the end of the dream involved my female coworker MR & I watching videos while trying to guess something.

Dream 2

I am at a store where an American Idol-like show / contest / competition was taking place, one acoustic guitar folk-like singing young woman with light-color skin’s music annoyed one of the judges who had light-medium color skin, and the judge was possibly a short obese man at first.

He heard her playing again backstage, which made him angrier, so he went to find her.

During this, he somehow changed into a woman without me noticing, the now female judge then angrily told the young woman to leave now & she followed her on the way out.

The young woman grabbed various grocery items on her way out, I followed them to make sure that no violence happened, after she left, I was walked past some aisles when I heard a woman being harassed by a man with light-color skin.

Before I could reach them, he had already moved to a tiny bar area near another man with light-color skin in the upper right corner of the building, and he started bullying the man & he put his hand on his head as a sign of disrespect et cetera.

I sat over there near them & I calmly tried to get him to stop, he then put his arm on my head to disrespect me, and I calmly asked him to get his arm off me; but he did not, we had a stare down, and I got ready to punch him if he decided to attack.

Something happened that I can not remember, and somehow he turned into or got turned into a flying insect & flew into an opening in the ceiling.

As I was returning to the woman to let her know, a female police officer with light-color skin approached the woman & said that the police think that they found the man who had harassed her & that he was probably dead.

The end,

  • John Jr

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