Library Washing Machines & President Joe Biden | Boxing

Joe Biden’s mixed legacy on sexual misconduct

Lazy notes of my dreams:

Dream 1

In this dream I was at a fictional version of The BP Library that was located where The Post Office should be, our library had a washing machine section with washing machines, and I remember seeing my female coworker TR.

At some point our assistant director Ms. JM said no to me when I was cleaning a chair that someone had spilled pork and beans on it.

At some point I went outside, and my supervisor Ms. JR was one of the people outside as well.

At some point some unknown people or an unknown person among them possibly hinted that I might be immortal and / or that I might be a god and /or that I might have superpowers; I did not think so & I said so, I decided to make a weak attempt to test this, I started trying to see if I really had any superpowers or not, but I can not remember what happened.

Some of my family (my mom was one of them) & some of my family members arrived while I was still outside, I was sitting facing the building, and The President Of The United States Joe Biden arrived behind me along with some other people including the press.

I did not turn around to see all the people behind me as I sat down facing the building, I could see some of their reflections off the glass doors / windows of the library, and I saw a reflection of President Biden standing behind a fictional young female cousin of mine who had light-brown skin with long curly light-brown hair wearing a maybe pink & white dress who was standing behind me.

I saw a reflection of President Biden with his hands on both sides of her head sniffing her hair while smiling with his eyes closed, which looked creepy as you would imagine, and it looked like some real life videos & photographs of him doing this to girls & women.

No one was saying anything or doing anything about this, like in real life, I paused for a second observing the situation from the reflection as I thought about what to do or say & when (I had to be smart about this, unfortunately, because he is the president & his security team would react), fortunately he stopped before I turned around to confront him & cause a scene that probably would have led to The United States Secret Service and / or police arresting me or making me leave.

President Biden then told my fictional young female cousin & I that we are good recruits, and he then told me that I have nice eyes in my sockets; and he said this in a strange senile-like way, we were confused, but we thanked him anyway.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved boxing.

The end,

  • John Jr

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