Getting Injected In My Cheek | Undercover Missions & Disguises

Dream 1

This dream involved me at a doctor’s appointment, my doctor was a woman with dark-color skin, during my medical examination when she was behind me, she either injected me with something and / or she took a blood sample from my left cheek (face) without warning; and I woke up as I confronted her about this trying to figure out what she did to me & why et cetera.

Dream 2

I probably was not in this dream, it involved two rebel women who were undercover on a mission in an unknown country at an outdoor & indoor event.

They were looking for their target, who was a man, they saw the man from a distance when they were sneaking around, and they called in an attack (assassination attempt) on the man.

Their assassin showed up, he was a man dressed as a soldier & armed with an assault rifle, he was dressed like a military officer for whatever country this was, and he shot & killed the man even though there were other people around.

When he was trying to escape, some real soldiers from that country arrested him, but once they realized that he was dressed like a military officer & falsely assumed that he really was an officer, they falsely assumed that this was part of a test or that the assassination was official military / government business, and they let him go; and they started to escort / protect him.

They even followed his orders, the assassin used this situation to his advantage, he tried to play along & pretend to be a military officer, and his plan was to have them escort him to his escape point.

The dream then jumped back to the two women who were undercover, the dream quickly showed them completing several other missions, these missions did not involve assassinations, but the same thing happened in at least two more missions where a member of their team is seen but their disguise works.

The end,

  • John Jr

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