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Dream 1

In this dream I was inside a house with Amanda Lehan-Canto & an unknown man, Amanda & I were trying to quickly help the man with something quickly, so that Amanda & I could go back to making out.

Uploads from Amanda Lehan-Canto

Amanda & I were probably making out & about to have sex before we got interrupted by the man who needed our help with something.

It was probably night because Amanda was wearing a thin white slip or a thin white sleeping shirt that you could somewhat see her bra through.

Amanda & I were really in the mood & could barely contain ourselves, we probably made out a few times while still trying to help the man, imagine this looking a bit like a comedy skit.

I remember Amanda & I trying to figure out the best way to make out & try to help the man because she was probably taller than me, which once again probably seemed a bit comedic.

I am not sure if we finished helping the man or not, but I do know that we did not get to have sex because I probably woke up when we were about to start or as we started; which was annoying.

Furthermore, I do remember feeling all the realistic rush of emotions / feelings / hormones / energy / et cetera, during the dream.

The final moments of the dream were a bit comedic as we rushed to awkwardly try to make out / have sex / get in a good position before I suddenly woke up.

Dream 2

In this dream, I was at work at The BP Library, and I walked past a fictional third OPAC (online public access catalog) computer by the new books.

I noticed that a porn / pornographic ad (advertisement) & the porn / pornographic website XVideos was open in the web browser instead of our Evergreen online catalog.

I was about to investigate & fix this, but I had to stop & help a female & male patron with light-color skin.

They were a husband & wife who wanted help trying to retrieve a file that was possibly stored on the husband’s fishing pole, and that allegedly somehow had the ability to store files.

They had walked to the AV Desk, and I walked over there to try to help them.

I asked them some questions trying to make sense of the situation, and they had a device; maybe a phone or tablet or laptop, and were trying to show me something when they accidentally opened a porn / pornographic website.

While they were trying to exit out of that, I walked back to the OPAC computer to exit out of the porn ad & XVideos website that someone had left open, and then I restarted the computer.

I walked back to help the couple, this time they accidentally opened the video game Grand Theft Auto V, and then they had to try to exit out of it; and that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The last part of the dream was either a daydream within the dream or a daydream-like part of the dream, and in this part of the dream I was dating Amanda Lehan-Canto.

There were some brief interactions between us, some were possibly physical, but I am not sure, but I do know that we talked.

I remember Amanda telling me about how she hates being touched on maybe her lower sides, like when someone softly puts their hands on your waist during a dance or during an embrace.

It is possible that she only hates it when people or certain people, like people she is not very close to, do this by surprise / without consent, or she just hated it in general; but I can not remember what she said exactly.

Before I woke up, I was talking to someone else in the dream, and I was telling them about this; but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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