A Reality TV Birthday Party | School Again

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of DeRidder, my family and I got invited to a rich woman’s birthday party that was to take place outside by & maybe at W Park; and the birthday party was to be filmed as part of a reality TV show episode.

We arrived at the birthday party as it was being filmed, and the rich woman was very demanding; and she was ordering people around with a lot of detailed & very specific requests.

At some point the rich woman had a female stunt driver with light-color skin & blonde hair wearing a Speed Racer-like uniform & helmet pretend to be after me as she chased me with a vehicle while I was on foot.

I probably did not know that this was fake at first, the woman chased me up the street into the forest by a river, her car had guns, and she started shooting at me; fortunately she was only shooting blanks, and then she revealed that this was fake & was meant to make the party more action packed for the cameras (even though the cameras did not follow us).

We talked briefly, then she drove a Volkswagen Beetle into the river, and she drove underwater where I could not see her; and I assume that she sneaked away.

Dream 2

In this dream I went back to school at a fictional multi-story school with dorm rooms that I had false memories of having attended in the past, but somehow my former classmates & schoolmates & I returned to school there along with other unknown students.

I remember walking around, remembering some of my false memories of the past at this school as I met former classmates & schoolmates along the way as I made my way to my dorm room that was on an upper floor.

As I reached the corner near my dorm room where there were some open room-like areas along the curve, like this area was a dorm room, even though it was part of the hallway that you had to walk through, I saw a student who looked exactly like my former male classmate HT when we were back in public school.

I greeted him, but he said that he was not HT & he had no idea who I was.

I then went to my dorm room, and I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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