A Medical & Library & College Computer Lab & Dreams Within Dreams

Part of this dream took place at a medical & library & college computer lab, and the different parts of the building where these three different places were located like: The BP Library, a medical office and / or clinic and / or research facility and / or something like that, and a college.

We all possibly shared a computer lab or our computer labs were next to each other, and some of our staff areas were near this area as well, like some of our staff areas for The BP Library.

I got called to help patrons in the computer lab several times, some of my coworkers were in the staff areas, and I saw some of the medical staff & college students in their areas & computer lab(s).

I helped several patrons, but the only ones that I remember helping were two gay men; but I can not remember the details.

During this dream, I had several dreams within this dream, dreams within dreams, that were about some people & a weird story that was slowly being told in each dream within dream that had a lot of symbolism.

Each dream within a dream continued the weird symbolic / surreal story slowly progressing forward on its way to completion.

One dream within a dream showed a moment from the past of a girl with dark-color skin who was in a car & later at a home with some young people who were older than her.

I was there too, I found some pink rubber animal toys filled with a strange liquid (maybe the liquid was pink), and I learned that the girl made these.

I assumed that they could explode, that maybe the liquid was some kind of explosive (maybe a combination of science & magic like on the animated TV show Arcane), that maybe these were actually magic / science bombs, and that maybe the girl was like a live action Jinx-like character.

Throughout each dream within a dream, there was a mystery that was slowly unfolding / being revealed, but that is all that I can remember of this dream & the dreams within dreams within it.

The end,

  • John Jr

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