Lady Jessica Atreides Meets The Fremen On Arrakis (Dune)

I was possibly not in this dream, I am not sure, the main character of this dream was the Dune character Lady Jessica Atreides, and her & maybe one or more other people were in the desert on the planet Arrakis (Dune).

Dune: Exclusive Lady Jessica Video (2021) – Rebecca Ferguson

Lady Jessica & anyone else with her, if there was anyone else, got ambushed by some Fremen, there was a brief fight, I assume that Lady Jessica won because the Fremen accepted her after she proved herself by defeating them I guess.

The Fremen welcomed Lady Jessica to their nearby sietch, a young male Fremen who was part of the previous fight was badly injured and / or sick, he seemed to be dying, but I am not sure if it was from injuries before the fight and / or during the fight and / or after the fight.

The sietch was cave-like, like it was made from hard dirt, and the sietch’s / Fremen’s Sayyadina (priestess) or Reverend Mother approached Lady Jessica.

The Sayyadina (priestess) or Reverend Mother asked Lady Jessica five questions, probably religious related questions, Lady Jessica answered all five questions correctly, and so she was accepted by the Sayyadina (priestess) or Reverend Mother & maybe she was also accepted as a Sayyadina (priestess) for the Fremen in this sietch.

Lady Jessica stopped to check on the young Fremen man who was injured and / or sick & possibly dying, he was still not doing good, and Lady Jessica seemed sad because there was not much that she could do to help him at this time.

Somehow, some rare photographs of some Fremen standing looking out of the small windows of their sietch toward the desert were shown, someone in the desert had taken the photographs of them.

While Lady Jessica was talking to the Fremen young man, some other Fremen approached her wanting her help with a possible approaching threat, and so she left to help them; but I woke up.

The end,

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