Feeling Aimless & Depressed & Floating & Flying

Lazy notes of my dream:

This dream took place in a fictional version of Lake Charles in a gray area that looked more like the road that passes through or by Moss Bluff and / or when you first enter Lake Charles.

This area had a road to the left of a concrete area that was like a sidewalk & bridge & boardwalk & stairs with a multi-story multipurpose ship and / or building with a river to the right of it, and this multipurpose boat and / or building had a college & dorm & medical clinic and / or rehabilitation center and / or halfway house & more.

I went there for a certain amount of time, maybe I was going to college & staying at the dorm, and one day I walked around the building / ship trying to find a comfortable bathroom to urinate in.

All the bathrooms that I found had no privacy & had so many people in them, and the urinals & toilets were very close to each other; and so I kept trying to find a comfortable bathroom.

During this, I saw & heard news reports, probably on TVs in lobbies, & maybe some people complaining about the administration of The President Of The United States Joe Biden.

I am not sure if I ever used the bathroom or not, I assume that I did, but I am not sure.

At some point in the dream, I became aimless and maybe somewhat depressed, I possibly did not know what to do with my life, if I should continue college or not, et cetera; but I can not remember the details of what was bothering me et cetera, and I can not remember if I decided to drop out of college or not.

I probably did not have a job & I probably wondered if I would be homeless soon, I walked outside, and I laid on the concrete steps outside as people walk by like I had lost the will to do anything and / or like I was homeless.

I laid there trying to figure out if it was this area and / or the weather et cetera that was causing me to feel like this et cetera.

At some point, a fictional man with light-color skin with short orange hair wearing a DeRidder High School letterman jacket & a fictional woman with light-color skin who I both knew from school stopped to talk to me.

They probably gave me some advice, and they told me to go home & get well; and that things would be alright.

I said something to them that I can not remember, I stood up, and for some reason I decided to try to fly.

I started to float a little, and they were amazed.

I struggled to fly, I was able to fly, but I could not fly or float very high.

People in the area were amazed that I could float & fly, and they tried to follow me around in amazement as I struggled to fly & float higher & faster.

I tried to fly with my mind, but I could not really use that technique other than for floating; and so I used my old physical method to fly, where I would sometimes flap my arms & use body movements to gain height & change direction et cetera.

I am not sure if I ever realized that I was dreaming, so I am not sure if this ever became a lucid dream or not, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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