Foundation (Season 1)

What Is It?

The 2021 Apple TV+ science fiction streaming TV show Foundation (Season 1).

Foundation — Official Teaser 2 | Apple TV+
Foundation — The Saga Featurette | Apple TV+

Here is how Metacritic describes this TV show:

Dr. Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) and a small group of believers seeks to preserve human knowledge and save civilization after he predicts the end of the Galactic Empire in this sci-fi series based on the novels by Isaac Asimov.

Foundation | Apple TV+
Foundation Episodes 1-2 Review: Beautiful and Epic but Flawed… (Spoilers)

My Thoughts

I learned about this TV show thanks to a YouTube video called The Dune Trailer Better Be Awesome Because Foundation IS EPIC! by the YouTube channel, Quinn’s Ideas:

The Dune Trailer Better Be Awesome Because Foundation IS EPIC!

I never read the Foundation series books by Isaac Asimov, but I had heard of them before.

The trailer looked good, like this show had potential, and so I decided to watch it when it came out; and my brother GC watched it as well.

It had a slower start than expected & this show has flaws, but I like the visuals & the lore potential & the universe & some of the characters & performances.

Some of my favorite characters are: Demerzel, Brother Day, Zephyr Halima, and Hari Seldon.

Some of my favorite performances were by: Laura Birn, Lee Pace, T’Nia Miller, Jared Harris, and Terrence Mann.

The episode with the best performances & my favorite episode was probably episode 8 (The Missing Piece), if every episode was like that episode, this would be the best show of the year.

While this is a flawed show, there are things that I like & I feel that this show has more potential, I hope that they will fix some of the flaws, and I look forward to season 2.

I would recommend watching this TV show, and would rate it a mixed 3.5 – 4 out of 5.

Foundation S1 (2021) – Wasteland TV Review

The end,

  • John Jr

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