Human Versions & Aliens? | Floating & Flying Myself & Others & Objects

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a building with many people (humans & later what seemed to possibly be various old versions of humans & modified humans & non-humans, some were possibly aliens, and some were possibly human-like entities), and this building felt deep like it was underground with probably different floors that I did not have access to like a hidden secure facility of some kind that we were trapped in (it felt like there was probably almost no way for us to escape).

At some point I found some wood chips covered in a chemical with a very strong smell that made it seem harder to breathe, like it sucked the oxygen from a room, and so some people scattered them in various trash cans outside the various buildings & rooms to try to avoid putting them in one location so that it would not suck out the oxygen & possibly kill people.

Unfortunately, the chemical coated wood chips were so powerful that it still impacted people in other rooms & buildings, forcing them to walk out to try to get some oxygen, and then things made of glass (windows, doors, walls, et cetera) around the area started slowly breaking.

Emergency protocols started after an alarm, and some previously sealed areas started to open as what seemed to be different versions of humans from the past until now & beyond slowly started appearing at different times as different areas opened up, sometimes once another area was cleared out first.

The newer looking assumed humans had different upgrades it seemed, like someone (I assumed aliens) had been experimenting on / with / breeding & abducting humans for years making different versions of us (humans) & preserving older versions of us (humans) for various reasons / purposes, and some were so modified that it was not clear if they were still human or not & it looked like they probably had special abilities / superpowers.

There were also some non-human looking entities that I saw, some I assumed were aliens from different species, some of them seemed like they were very old like they had long lifespans & like their species had been around longer than us humans, and to me, it seemed that some of them probably felt superior to us humans & were possibly the ones who had us trapped here & were experimenting with humans & using us for various things.

I did not get to interact with any of the upgraded assumed human versions or the alien-like entities or the other non-human entities, we just watched as groups walked from the various previously sealed areas that came from deeper levels that we did not have access to, it was like a partial evacuation of certain levels as they dealt with the structural issues being caused by the chemical wood chips.

I did get to interact with some slightly pale (some had medium & dark-color skin, but all of their skin looked paler than normal) humans who seemed to be from some slightly older time periods like the 1960s et cetera, who seemed paler like they were just unfrozen & like their skin had been in the water too long.

They acted like they had just been unfrozen & awakened for the first time in a long time & like they had not seen the light in years, they seemed confused like waking up from a coma or from a dream, and one of them looked like Morgan Freeman.

Someone & I tried to talk to them, they seemed mentally confused & they seemed to still be waking up & trying to make sense of things, and one of them seemed to be starting to remember things.

That person was a man, possibly the Morgan Freeman-like man, and he started panicking & freaking out & yelling once some of his memory returned.

He seemed to be ranting & trying to warn us about some of the things done to them & the various versions of humans et cetera being stored, made, trapped, experimenting on, et cetera here.

We were trying to make sense of what they were yelling, to me, it seemed like maybe some aliens and / or non-humans and / or someone else (maybe other humans) were running this facility & were using / creating us (humans) for different things & were keeping different versions of us (humans) (some awake & some frozen or whatever), experimenting with us & maybe even eating some of us, several of them started to freak-out yelling things & trying to warn us like in this movie scene:

Soylent Green is People! – Classic Movie Scene

We tried to calm them down, I was afraid that they were going to get us killed or frozen or whatever if the aliens or whoever ran the facility heard them freaking out & revealing those things to us, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream possibly took place inside the same or a similar facility or building as the previous dream, and once again I was with various people.

I am not sure if this dream became a lucid dream or not, but at some point I started being able to float & fly; but I am not sure what led me to try floating & then flying inside this building / facility.

I am not sure if I was able to do this because of some kind of upgrade, if the aliens / non-humans / whoever had experimenting on me or not, or if this was just something that I could do & maybe why they had trapped me here to use me in their breeding experiments or whatever to make new versions of humans et cetera with different abilities / superpowers & for different purposes.

I showed some of the other dream characters that I could float & fly, and that I could also make some objects float by simply touching them & believing / thinking that they would get lighter & float; and I was even able to make some people float & fly, and I was able to even teach some of them how to float & fly.

I could not make all the dream characters float or fly, and some of them failed to float or fly even when I tried to teach them.

There were two examples of this, there were two women with light-color skin who were my height or slightly taller & who were my size or slightly bigger who it did not work on, we even tried holding hands as I tried to make them float & teach them how, but they were very stiff & heavy.

They were so stiff & tense that they could not lift their arms all the way up as we held hands, I could feel the tension & stiffness in their muscles & posture, it was like they were afraid of heights and / or like they did not believe enough for it to work, but I tried a few times.

I took my time trying to calm them down & teach them, I remember explaining the process that went something like this: you had to really believe that you could float & fly, you had to also think it, you had to focus inward on yourself & your body while visualizing & believing what you want to happen, imagine your body becoming very light weight, imagine yourself start to float slowly, guide your direction & speed with your mind, and once you could do that then you could try a similar technique to make other things & people float.

It became easier as you practiced, I am not sure if the others were able to make objects & other people float through touch & thought like I could (except for some people like those two women), though.

It was cool having enough time in a dream to focus in on floating & be able to help other dream characters float & learn to, and that it did not work 100% of the time.

Some of the other dream characters probably had other abilities, I assumed, so I assumed that I had the ability to float & fly myself & others & objects using either telekinesis and / or the ability to make things weightless through touch & thought / will.

I probably avoided my old flying technique completely & only floated & flew with my mind, I probably crossed my arms & kept my body still to make sure that I was only using my mind to fly & float & change directions & speeds et cetera.

I could not float or fly that fast, I was pretty slow, but it was still cool; and it was so easy.

I just had to relax, believe, think, and slightly focus inward as I feel the process (weightlessness & the feel of me moving my body by thought) & make it happen.

Unfortunately, that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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