A Cyberpunk 2077-Like World & Sade Songs & Visiting JC

Cyberpunk 2077 – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

This dream involved a Cyberpunk 2077-like world, it was not as futuristic & dark as the Cyberpunk world, it was just similar in some ways, I was in this part of the dream, but I can not remember the details

At some point in the dream, I talked to some kids, maybe some random kids started talking to me along a sidewalk or something.

They Came From Below | Featured Creature | Short Film

They Came From Below | Featured Creature | Short Film

What Is It?

The YouTube video They Came From Below | Featured Creature | Short Film by the YouTube channel Crypt TV.

Here is the description for this video:

A late bloomer production
Molly Gordon & Jackson Robert Scott

Dylan Doornbos Hayes

Chris Grillot

Mike Bayman

Executive producer
Kyle Smithers

Julia Swain

Production designer
Emma Marie Jenkinson

Gregory Plotkin

Costume designer
Hanna Hayes

Music composer
Tilman Robinson

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