Clothes Shopping & Urinating

In this dream, I rode with most of my family (including my brother CC) to an outdoor area with small stores & other buildings where you could do things & buy things inside & outside.

There were even small ponds and / or rivers that you maybe could fish at.

Can Stereotypes Ever Be Good? – Sheila Marie Orfano And Densho

Can stereotypes ever be good? – Sheila Marie Orfano and Densho

What Is It?

The YouTube video Can Stereotypes Ever Be Good? – Sheila Marie Orfano And Densho by the YouTube channel TED-Ed.

Here is the description for this video:

Explore the model minority stereotype, and discover how it became a label for Asian Americans and is used to enforce racial hierarchies.

In 2007, researchers surveyed 180 teachers to understand if they held stereotypes about their students. The most commonly held opinion was that Asian students were significantly more industrious, intelligent, and gentle. This might seem like a good thing, but treating this stereotype as reality can cause a surprising amount of harm. Sheila Marie Orfano and Densho dig into the model minority myth.

Lesson by Sheila Marie Orfano and Densho, directed by Léon Moh-Cah.

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