Clothes Shopping & Urinating

In this dream, I rode with most of my family (including my brother CC) to an outdoor area with small stores & other buildings where you could do things & buy things inside & outside.

There were even small ponds and / or rivers that you maybe could fish at.

There was a man from somewhere in Asia (Asian) & a dog who both worked there.

During the dream, I bought lots of clothes, including suits, which were cheap & maybe used and / or maybe only some of the clothing was used.

At some point I really needed to urinate, so I went to use a semi-outdoor bathroom that was along the covered concrete walkway around the left side of the building.

There were toilets near the edge of the concrete walkway, and so people could see me from the stomach up while I was standing there.

I remember standing there urinating a lot for an impossibly long time, my urine flow was very strong, it kept going & going, but eventually I stopped urinating even though I felt that was not all of it.

I think that I possibly urinated earlier in the dream during a forgotten part of the dream, but I could be wrong.

After urinating, I possibly washed my hands, and my brothers CC & GC helped me carry all the clothes that I bought to the vehicle so that we could leave; and I woke up.

In the real world, I really did need to urinate when I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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