Tika Tika (Tikka Tikka)

This dream possibly took place inside a hotel room with two beds, I was somehow watching & remotely taking part in what was possibly a Spanish talk show / reality TV show that was possibly called Tika Tika or Tikka Tikka, and I was using two mobile phones to watch the show & communicate with the hosts of the show.

The end of the opening credits theme song, probably ending with someone saying Tika Tika (Tikka Tikka), and the main host was possibly a Spanish woman with light-color skin with long black or dark hair who I assumed to be named Tika (Tikka).

Tika (Tikka) had her sister or friend there, who was probably also a Spanish woman with light-color skin, who I could see & hear from the second mobile phone, and there was a minor cohost-like man with light-color skin wearing glasses with blonde hair who was mostly in the background occasionally saying things.

Tika (Tikka) & her sister or friend were pregnant, they shared a life tip to the audience for pregnant women to lay in some cold tap water to relax, and that this was a relaxation technique / whatever for pregnant women.

Tika (Tikka) told me to put both mobile phones (which I had on the bed(s), and was how I could see them & their TV show & how they could communicate with me) on one or two baking sheets (sheet pans) with some cold tap water in them & put it / them on the bed(s), and that was supposed to somehow help pregnant women like themselves to relax.

I did as she asked with just enough water that it would not cover the phones or the phone ports, hopefully, and somehow Tika (Tikka) & her sister or friend could feel this through the phone & somehow it was helping them to relax like she said it would.

Somehow it still worked on them even though it was the phones that were in the water & not them.

I could see an up close video feed of each of them on both phones, somehow it seemed that the phones represented them in a way, or were connected to them in a way to my mind’s weird dream logic (illogic) I guess.

This makes no sense, and somehow in the dream I never did question or notice how nonsensical this was.

During the dream Tika (Tikka) & her sister or friend would switch between speaking English & maybe Spanish (or another European language), they mostly used what was possibly Spanish when talking to each other, and English when talking to the audience & me.

I could be wrong about the second language being Spanish, it was difficult to hear them talking in that language to each other through the mobile phones because I had the phones on the bed in the baking sheet(s) with cold tap water in them as I stood up, so I did not have the phones close to me during most of the dream.

I noticed that some of the water got on the comforter of my bed, so I moved the baking sheet(s) of water to the other bed, and when I touched the wet spots it looked & felt real.

I remember hoping that it would dry, and that the water would not damage the phones.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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