Swordmaster Duels | School Board Work | Edge Visits | Making Out

Dream 1

This dream involved duels between Swordmasters (Sword Masters).

Dream 2

This dream involved me working for the BP School Board.

Dream 3

This dream involved the professional wrestler Edge visiting my parent’s yard.

Dream 4

In this dream, I was at my parent’s house, my mom was there, but everyone else seemed to be gone at the time.

A woman with dark-medium to dark-color skin wearing maybe eyeglasses showed up who was a friend and / or coworker of either my brother KDC and / or my brother TDC and / or my brother KDC’s girlfriend KC.

She went to, or I led her to the room of my brother’s TDC & KDC & KDC’s girlfriend KC, because she was there for one or more of them, and this is probably where I learned that they were not there.

She decided to wait a little while to see if they would return soon, and I stayed in the room talking with her.

Somehow we ended up making out on one of the beds in the bedroom, this part of the dream felt very real & like a lucid dream or semi-lucid dream, but I do not think that it was a lucid dream.

It was so realistic & my mind was so clearer than normal for a dream that I actually had time to pay attention to & notice the minor details of the dream, like the: feelings / sensations, the texture et cetera of her skin, et cetera.

There was some kissing, touching, massaging, conversation, et cetera that happened; but she stopped things short & before any sex could happen.

It seemed that she felt that this was probably a mistake, so she decided to leave early instead of waiting for my KDC and / or TDC and / or KC to return, and she probably left without telling me her name or leaving her phone number or anything; and I felt that she probably would not try to contact me.

I actually wanted to meet with her again & get to know her better, like learning her name, but I did start to think that maybe she was right about that not being the best idea; if my prediction / assumption was correct about her thinking that.

After she left, I remember looking out the window, it was day, and somehow I could see the front yard of The E House; and there was a man with medium-to-dark color skin there who was letting a group of kids play with a bunch of puppies.

It seemed like a class of kids visiting a dog trainer or something, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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