Waking My Baby Brother? | Sperm Donation & Lauren Phillips?

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a house, I possibly had a fictional baby brother (if he was not my brother, he was definitely a family member of some kind, who knows, maybe he was my son, I doubt it though) who was sleeping on a couch / sofa as I helped my uncle JE & my uncle CC by holding something as they remodeled the room.

At some point, I accidentally did something that made a loud sound, which woke my assumed fictional baby brother, and he woke up & started crying.

I picked him up & tried to get him to relax & go back to sleep, I remember my uncles & I laughing & joking about the situation, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream is unclear now & does not make a lot of sense.

This dream involved sperm donation & me being a sperm donor, donating my sperm to help women who wanted to get pregnant, and this was done to help people & not for money; but the sperm donation process was not done in the normal way.

Instead of the normal sperm donation process, it was done in a more Bene Gesserit / natural way.

I was inside & maybe outside a sperm donation / fertility clinic or whatever, and the sperm donation process involved me having sex with the women who wanted to get pregnant.

This was done one-at-a-time in different areas with some privacy, I probably was confused by this & I asked if they were sure about this, and the medical staff probably convinced me that this was the process & all the women agreed & wanted to do it this way.

I know that I had sex with at least two women during the dream, possibly more, and one of the women was Lauren Phillips; and the other woman had light-color skin with medium-to-dark color hair, but I can not remember anything else about her.

In this dream, Lauren Phillips was already pregnant & was visibly pregnant, so it made no sense for her to be there trying to get pregnant if she was already pregnant.

Lauren probably explained her situation to me, I do not remember the details, but I imagine that it did not make much sense; but during the dream I probably did not question it much, if at all.

Regardless, Lauren & I still had sex during the dream, possibly outside & inside, and it probably happened longer than it usually does in the rare times that there is some sex in a dream because usually there are interruptions, or I wake up before much if anything happens.

I can not remember the details other than that we both were having a good time & bonding & maybe it was a little more realistic than usual, we also talked some during this, but I woke up.

I did return to this dream in possibly a semi-dream / semi-daydream when I was trying to go back to sleep, and I probably went in & out of sleeping & dreaming & daydreaming.

The end,

  • John Jr

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