Hide-And-Seek & Dashie Gagging / Vomiting

My Strange A#s Addiction – Plastic Sniffer (Lost Episode)

I had more dreams, one of which I woke up remembering & was supposed to record, but I accidentally went back to sleep without recording it; and I forgot this dream.

In my last dream I was at The E House with some other people, we started playing hide-and-seek inside the house, and during this I found a woman with dark-color skin hiding upstairs in a bed (that was her hiding spot).

My uncle CE and my brother GC were outside in the yard outside the back door talking when I found the woman hiding.

Later in the dream, Dashie was there, and we were talking in the family room.

Dashie found a small dead fish, it smelled terrible, for some reason he sniffed it, and he started gagging and / or vomiting over the carpet.

Dashie ran to the bathroom by the kitchen while I put some dish soap & water on the carpet, and I went to get the vacuum to clean the carpet; but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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