Cousin Tyrann Mathieu & DE | Coca-Cola Peach

Dream 1

This dream took place in another city during a gray day, and I left a building after my fictional male cousin Tyrann Mathieu (The Honey Badger) & some people almost fought during an argument.

Maybe the others fought, while Tryann did not, but I can not remember.

I do remember that Tyrann was having a video chat on his mobile phone with some men with dark-color skin who were making fun of how he acted tough but did not fight during that argument.

I told cousin Tyrann to not listen to them, and I offered to talk to him privately; and we talked privately, and I gave him words of encouragement.

We learned that one of our male cousin’s was shot and killed, and we went to an outdoor stadium.

While there, I placed a portrait of our deceased cousin by a portrait of a deceased female celebrity with dark-color skin, and I put a cigar in an ashtray near them.

The cigar was lit until I put it out in the ashtray, I am not sure who the cigar was for, because I do not smoke, maybe it was a ceremonial sign of paying respect or something.

Crowds of people started to arrive to the stadium as I walked up the stairs, I saw my male cousin DE sitting on the steps, and he was homeless.

I stopped to greet my cousin DE & see if he needed help, but he told me to hurry up & keep walking.

When it was time for everyone to start leaving, DE started humming a nice song /his humming was very good, as the rest of us walked down the stairs.

While walking down the stairs, I saw some women step outside a nearby building wearing old European (French) Moulin Rouge-like sexy underwear or pajamas or garments that looked more like puffy dresses, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place at The E House which was also a fictional version of The BP Library, some of my coworkers were there like Ms. JM & Mr. JM, and I did talk with them.

I walked into a room where some thin European blonde female models were putting apple sauce in small containers for the library, and I briefly talked with them.

I then walked to a drink machine by the stairs, there were several different types of drinks that you could pay for, oddly the machine looked like a fountain drink style machine instead of a vending machine.

I noticed several of the drink flavors were Coca-Cola brand drinks, one of which was peach, and under it was a small foil covered drink labeled Coca-Cola Peach.

It was like someone bought it but left it there without opening it, I opened it, oddly the color was red instead of orange, and it tasted like fruit punch instead of peach.

It was non-carbonated, I only took a sip because I was not sure if this dream was either spoiled or poisoned or messed up, and then I went to ask Mr. JM & Ms. JM & the European models about it.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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