Talking & Shopping With A Coworker

I had more dreams that I remembered that were more interesting, but they were forgotten after I went back to sleep several times without recording them; but I do remember part of the end of my last dream.

This dream took place during the day in DeRidder, I am not sure if I was at work at The BP Library before this part of the dream or not.

I just remember that a female coworker of mine with light-color skin, either a fictional coworker or a fictional version of a coworker, left with me in my automobile.

Unfortunately, I can not remember any details about her, because something disturbed my memory / dream / sleep when I woke up this morning.

She possibly was somewhat based on my female coworker JB and / or a certain female celebrity and / or someone else I know.

It is annoying that I can not remember now because in the dream I clearly had an idea of who she was and / or who she reminded me of.

It is possible that we had both just left work for the day at The BP Library, but I can not remember.

I remember us talking & having plans to probably shop at several fictional businesses downtown.

I am not sure what happened or what we talked about, I do remember her doing most of the talking, and she was really into whatever she was talking about.

I remember us sitting in my automobile parked downtown in the small parking lot outside the businesses as we talked, and we probably talked inside several businesses.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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