Avast Malware | A Dorm & JB’s Dress | A Call From Mr. J

Dream 1

In this dream, I had a computer connected to a TV, and at some point the screen changed & it showed that Avast malware was detected or that Avast had detected malware.

I do not have Avast installed, so I assumed that it was malware pretending to be Avast & locking up my screen and / or computer.

I restarted my computer with plans to scan it for malware with HitmanPro Free first, and then I would scan it with Windows Security & Malwarebytes Free et cetera.

I woke up before I could finish this.

Dream 2

This dream took place at a multipurpose building / area that had a college, a college dorm (dormitory), and The BP Library.

I remember being in my dorm room, and at some point I saw my female coworker JB walking in the hallway outside my dorm room.

JB was wearing a dress with the bottom back of the dress roughly cut just below her underwear, so you could see the back & side of her legs & not the front of her legs, and the top of the dress was low cut.

It was like she suddenly decided to cut her dress with some scissors quickly on a whim, maybe the top was cut to be lower too, but I am not sure.

I assumed that she felt like trying something unique / custom, weird, and more revealing.

I had the door to my dorm room open, that is how I noticed her walking by, and I was going to walk into the hallway to talk to her.

JB was talking on her mobile phone & then she started talking to a woman with light-color skin who works at the college, so I did not bother them even though I wanted to talk to JB.

I waited, as they talked, in case I did have a chance to talk, but either I gave up on the idea or they did not finish talking before I woke up.

Dream 3

The end of this dream, involved me being outside during the day in a fictional area near the edge of DeRidder that had a large parking lot & several businesses next to an apartment where my female coworker DC lived.

I am not sure which store or business I walked out of, or if I had arrived without entering any of them.

I do remember seeing my former male classmate JC sneaking into an apartment room on an upper floor for fun / as a prank.

I got a mobile phone call from the EZ Street delivery driver, Mr. J, and he was calling me about a food delivery that his female supervisor said to deliver to someone named JJ.

I told him that I did not order any food, but maybe someone else at our house did, or maybe his supervisor was talking about someone else with those initials.

I asked him some questions, trying to help him figure it out, during this I heard his coworkers & my female coworker DT talking & joking about the situation & me.

I woke up during this.

The end,

  • John Jr

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