Entities & Paralysis | A Desk | Take The Interior?

Jeri Hogarth | Marvel 101

Dream 1

This dream involved me being inside a building with various threats, including: a large / possibly obese entity in a Daredevil suit that looked somewhat like a smaller slightly more human red demon (it / he was not red though) from the anime TV show The Seven Deadly Sins, a heavy breathing entity that I could not see, and more.

I probably moved around the building trying to avoid the threats until I experienced, paralysis in the dream, maybe semi-sleep paralysis in the real world, or I felt my paralyzed body in the real world.

I got paralyzed in a small windowless room with a closet behind me, a door to my right, and a clear barrel of liquid in front of me.

I probably got paralyzed when I realized that the large entity in a Daredevil suit was hiding in the clear barrel of liquid.

I probably tried to stay still to avoid being seen, but it / he seemed to possibly have seen me; then I could not move.

The large entity started looking in my direction & raised its head from the liquid, like it sensed me, I was not sure if it could see me, and I was not sure if it was trying to scare me.

Above & behind me to my right in the closet and / or ceiling, I heard a breathing noise, I could not move, and so I used my eyes to try to look in that direction; but I did not see anything.

I could not see much though because I could not move, but I predicted that it was a small entity hiding up there somewhere.

The large entity possibly made some noise too, now I had two entities on both sides of me, and I could not move or see one.

I continued, hoping that they could not see me as I waited for the paralysis to wear off, but I accidentally woke up as I probably tried to break free of the paralysis and / or from feeling my paralyzed body in the real world.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that at the end of the dream, I let my female coworker DT use a desk that she wanted to use.

I assume that I had the desk, but she wanted it, so I let her have it; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place at a large multi-story multipurpose building with various hallways that The BP Library had just moved to, and I was there at work.

I remember walking around the mostly windowless carpeted hallways, I saw my female coworker JB several times, and I wanted to talk to her; but she was busy talking with a group of women each time, and I probably felt that she probably did not want to talk to me.

I assumed that one of the women was probably our new coworker, that another was probably our new intern, and that maybe the other women were friends and / or family members of them and / or JB.

Each time that I saw them, I probably waited briefly from a distance for an opening to talk, but gave up & kept moving, or they would keep moving each time.

I remember a somewhat sad / depressive feeling each time with some negative self-talk, that was probably mostly feelings instead of thoughts.

I walked around trying to find / explore / learn the various parts of our new library, and the non-library areas; and maybe I was also trying to figure out what I was supposed to be working on.

At the very end of the dream, JB & the other women, including a woman with light-color skin with long red hair who looked somewhat like JB from a distance, walked into a security / ticket booth-like room with glass in the front that allowed you to see inside the room & a heavy metal door with a security peephole.

I stood in the hallway trying to decide whether I should go knock on the door, and finally try to talk to JB & greet the other women.

They were busy having a good time talking, and some nuns and / or female teachers walked past me with many kids.

I assumed that there was a school or daycare in the building or something.

I forgot to mention that I was carrying a bag over my shoulder with one arm, it was probably somewhat heavy, like a small duffle-like bag.

After the large group of kids & nuns and / or teachers walked by, I decided & was able to walk to the room that JB & the other women were in, and I knocked on the door.

At first, it seemed that they were not going to let me in, but JB answered the door.

There was a pause, I greeted JB, who now had some blonde streaks & maybe another color in her hair along with her usual red, and the other women (including the woman with red hair who looked somewhat like JB) & Carrie-Anne Moss was with them now.

They all were very relaxed & smiling in a cool & mischievous & rebellious woman power-like way, if that makes any sense, it was like a woman’s only night out / gathering / meeting / club / et cetera.

From the doorway, I asked JB what was this room called, and she immediately responded with something that confused me.

Unfortunately, I am not exactly sure the first word that she said in her response, it was possibly: Take The Interior or Steal The Interior or Raid The Interior or something else like that, I know that The Interior was at the end.

JB said this in a cool rebellious somewhat joking-like way as she smiled, as the others smiled in that same cool & mischievous & rebellious woman power-like way, as I stood there trying to make sense of what that meant.

For some reason, my initial thoughts were that meant that they were either planning some kind of The Hunger Games-like rebellion or she was jokingly making a The Hunger Games-like reference, except maybe an all-woman version.

The last thing that I saw was Carrie-Anne Moss sitting or leaning back behind JB with her arms crossed looking at me smiling in that same cool & mischievous & rebellious woman power-like way as the others, but probably even more cool & rebellious & boss-like (like her character Jeri Hogarth from the TV show Jessica Jones).

For no clear reason, I was immediately thrown out of this dream, almost like when something scares you awake.

This annoyed me because I wanted to know what they meant & I did not get to talk to JB & the others beyond that brief moment.

I saw no reason for me to jerk awake like that, there was no alarm or sounds that I could hear, so that was strange, almost like they knocked me out of my own dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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