Driving With GC & A Running Humanoid

I had more dreams that I remembered but failed to record, and so now I only remember the end of my last dream.

The end of the dream took place either late in the afternoon or early evening in DeRidder during somewhat cool weather.

My brother GC and I were driving home talking, and I was probably driving.

As we approached downtown, GC was talking about how he wished that you could ride in automobiles that were mostly sealed off, with only a few openings to the outside for air.

Basically, little to no windows, for extra security & privacy & durability, et cetera.

He also wished that it could feel cool like this, temperature wise, instead of stuffy & hot with little air flow.

As we crossed the train tracks downtown, I saw what looked like an almost naked or naked pale, possibly somewhat gray / peach-color humanoid or person running across the street & down the field by the train tracks.

Unfortunately, the humanoid or person were either too far away and / or too blurry and / or moving too fast for us to get a clear look at it to see what or who it was.

It looked strange from the little that we could see at that moment, like it was possibly not human, maybe it was bald with something strange about the shape of its head & its skin color, I am not sure, and it was possibly male in appearance.

I woke up as we drove across the train tracks as I pointed this out to GC as we both glanced in that direction trying to see it, and it probably was gone or out of view at this point.

The end,

  • John Jr

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