Killing Azrael | Playing Chrono Cross

The Elder Scrolls Lore: The Aldmeri Dominion

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day inside a Daedric-like realm / Planes Of Oblivion / Planes of Existence / dimension / dream world that was controlled by a powerful male Daedric Prince-like entity or God or Demigod.

I can not remember what the powerful male Daedric Prince-like entity or God or Demigod looked like, I possibly did not see him, but I did hear him talk & I assumed that he was humanoid.

I think that I was a prisoner in his realm along with some other prisoners, but I could be wrong.

His Daedra-like / angel-like guards / soldiers / servants / whoever were some very proud overconfident cruel vain tall angelic-looking (possibly with wings) humanoid entities wearing beautiful fancy angelic / elven-like golden armor (including open-faced helmets, and some possibly had shields) & armed with beautiful melee weapons with gold hilts & sheaths et cetera.

They looked like a combination of the stereotype of an angel & a Golden Saint (Aureal) & The Sovereign & a High Elf (Altmer), and they spoke like you would imagine in a proud upper class regal-like accent.

I remember us assumed prisoners being treated badly, I am not sure if they all treated us badly or not, but I definitely remember being treated terribly by one of them who was named Azrael.

Azrael seemed to be very high-ranking, or he acted like it at least; and I assumed that he was the highest ranked among his kind that we saw.

Azrael treated us the worst, he was cruel & proud, and I would describe him and / or his actions as evil; and maybe the other of his kind were like him as well.

He (& probably some of the others) verbally & possibly physically harassed us, as maybe they made us work outside.

I got tired of him basically torturing us as we worked when he started beating one of us prisoners, and so I told him to stop.

As expected, this made him angrier, that one of us would dare stand up for someone else or ourselves & to him.

He decided to kill me, he pulled out his sword, and approached me angrily & overconfidently.

I found a sword, but I am not sure if he knew that I had one when he charged at me & he flew in the air & dropped to chop me to death.

I used his overconfidence & lack of situational awareness to my advantage, and I had the sword somewhat hidden behind my back & ready to dodge & counter his attack.

I stood there pretending to be open for his death chop / blow, but I dodged at the last moment, turning my back to him as I stabbed the sword through his armor & chest & body, basically impaling him as he landed.

He had a very shocked facial expression as he died, the others of his kind were shocked & so were the other prisoners, and he died shortly after that.

As he was dying, he probably taunted me one last time, probably telling me that he would resurrect soon, and that he would make me pay for defeating him by probably beating & torturing & killing me.

Like a Daedra, if you kill his body, his soul / spirit / whatever returns to the realm that he is from, and he can just return with a new body again; and so he was semi-immortal as were the others of his kind.

The powerful male Daedric Prince-like entity or God or Demigod who ruled this realm, spoke loudly & powerfully so that everyone could hear him, it was like his voice was coming from the sky or everywhere.

He said that Azrael’s soul / spirit would not be allowed to return to the realm or resurrect, and that he would face true death; and he declared a new rule for his realm for the others of Azrael’s kind where they would also face true death if they are defeated / killed by a prisoner in one-on-one combat.

Basically, they would lose their semi-immortality in that situation, and would really die permanently.

This shocked them, especially since he did not make an exception for Azrael, since this rule did not exist before I killed him, they seemed to have assumed that he would spare him this time because of his high rank, but they were wrong.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me playing and / or being inside the video game Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition – Announce Trailer | PS4

I remember trying to find common objects to use as ammunition for siege equipment / siege engines / siege weapons & aircraft.

I remember looking for objects like bricks, heavy rocks, chunks of metal, et cetera.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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