Raised By Wolves (Season 2) Review

Raised By Wolves Season 2 Poster.jpg

What Is It?

The 2022 science fiction TV show Raised By Wolves (Season 2).

Raised By Wolves Season 2 | Official Teaser | HBO Max
Raised By Wolves Season 2 | Official Trailer | HBO Max

This is how Fandom describes this TV show:

In season two of RAISED BY WOLVES, Android partners Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim), along with their brood of six human children, join a newly formed atheistic colony in Kepler-22b’s mysterious tropical zone. But navigating this strange new society is only the start of their troubles, as Mother’s “natural child” threatens to drive what little remains of the human race to extinction.[5]

Raised By Wolves Season 2 | Behind The Scenes | HBO Max
Raised by Wolves Season 2 REVIEW – No Spoilers

My Thoughts

This season started out a little rough in the first episode with the worst CGI in the series so far, but fortunately it recovered either later in that episode or by episode 2.

This worried me at first, fortunately, this season quickly recovered by episode 2.

As usual, Amanda Collin & Abubakar Salim did an amazing job, Mother (Lamia) & Father are among my favorite characters in this show; and Travis Fimmel was consistent as usual.

This show is still an interesting, unique, mysterious, symbolic, weird, et cetera show that has you trying to figure out what is really going on & what will happen next.

I do not like how the last episode ended, a bit abruptly, incomplete, and on a cliffhanger; which, of course, makes me want season 3.

This is currently the best or among the best TV shows et cetera that I have seen this year so far, and I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Especially if you like science fiction, philosophy, religion, mystery, psychology, et cetera.

More people need to watch this show, I am curious what other people think about it.

You can watch Episode 1 (Raised By Wolves) of Raised By Wolves (Season 1) for free on YouTube on a video called Raised By Wolves | Full Episode: “Raised By Wolves” (Season 1 Episode 1) | HBO Max by the YouTube channel HBO Max, no account is required, then you can decide if you want to continue watching this TV show:

Raised By Wolves | Full Episode: “Raised By Wolves” (Season 1 Episode 1) | HBO Max

The end,

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