MK-Ultra: The Shocking Cold War Experiments Hidden By The CIA – BBC REEL

MK-Ultra: The shocking Cold War Experiments Hidden By The CIA – BBC REEL

What Is It?

The YouTube video MK-Ultra: The shocking Cold War Experiments Hidden By The CIA – BBC REEL by the YouTube channel BBC Reel.

Here is the description for this video:

In the early days of the Cold War, the CIA ordered the creation of a secret programme intended to find ways of mind control.

Psychiatric institutions across the United States and Canada were funded by the CIA to perform experiments on patients using psychedelic drugs, sensory deprivation, electroshock treatment and more.

The programme was known by its now infamous code name: MK-Ultra.

Video by Adrian Hartrick & Dominika Ożyńska

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My Thoughts

I am glad that a major news organization like the BBC did a video on this little known terrible secret CIA experiment, Project MKUltra, that was a conspiracy theory that turned out to be true.

It is unacceptable what the CIA et cetera did, and that they have not apologized or helped those who they experimented on / tortured & ruined their lives & probably killed, et cetera.

It is also a shame that they got medical people and scientists et cetera to help them, people who people trusted to help them, but ended up intentionally hurting them.

I first learned of Project MKUltra years ago in conspiracy theory forms, and some books about conspiracy theories et cetera that ended up being true.

It makes you wonder how many other secret experiments have happened, are happening, and will happen that we do not know about.

Did Project MKUltra truly end?

They destroyed some of the evidence of this project, so we will likely never know the full extent of it.

I wonder what did they learn, and how are they applying that knowledge now?

The end,

  • John Jr

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