That Zone Between Area 50 And 52

That Zone Between Area 50 And 52

What Is It?

The YouTube video That Zone Between Area 50 And 52 by the YouTube channel Internet Historian.

Here is the description for this video:

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——- I want to believe. ——

Second Channel:…


Voice of Alien: The talented, and available for commission, Yuu Hiiragi…


Music: Eventide – Lahar

Alien Isolation – Encounters

XCom – Main Theme Music

Afternoon Tea – Mona Wonderlick

Bully – Walking Theme Karl Csaey @White Bat Audio Rain City

Jurassic Park – Hide and Seek with the Minotaur

80s Workout – Envato Music

WiiFit – Bowling

Naruto Main Theme (Trap Mix) – Rifti Beats

Mer-Ka-Ba – Jesse Gallagher

Keddie – Loxbeats

Good Evening – Amine Maxwell

Marif – SoyB

Vivek Abhishek – Horror Theme

FF7 Remake – Lay Down Some Rubber

Sad Violin – Envato Music

My Thoughts

My favorite part of this video is the comedic short film dramatic reenactment of the Area 51 Raid that starts at about 28:33 :D:

That Zone Between Area 50 and 52 – 28:33

The end,

  • John Jr

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