Korey Coleman & Seasoning & Insects

This dream involved Korey Coleman not feeling good / feeling sick at his office job or while he was working in his office; I am not sure if this job was related to Double Toasted or not.

Korey fell asleep, and later he got awakened by an annoying computer technician / repair man with a bad attitude who was sent there by someone.

The computer guy kept angrily rushing Korey, and guy found an open bottle of seasoning spilled on the floor with lots of hopping small & large strange-looking hopping insects inside it & outside it on the floor.

I was somehow in this dream, I am not sure if I was myself, or if I briefly became Korey.

Either way, I decided that I would try to vacuum up the insects & spilled seasoning, and then take the vacuum outside; but I woke up as I was looking for a vacuum cleaner.

The end,

  • John Jr

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