James Bond To Leonardo DiCaprio | Not ME | Computer Problems | CP Buying SS’s Parent’s House | Donald Trump’s 2024 Slogan

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point, there was a James Bond-like man with many attractive women on an upper floor of a building / apartment, they were probably partying in a lobby.

At some point, the Jame Bond-like man became Leonardo DiCaprio, who later got stressed out and snapped during an interview.

I can not remember if I was in the dream or not, if so, I was probably mostly just quietly observing things.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that my brother GC and I were staying in a cheap, rough apartment suite near a college and a fictional version of our aunt JE’s house.

At some point, we tried to watch a movie outside from our dad’s truck, but we saw the police & some luggage outside of our aunt JE’s house.

So we went back inside our apartment suite, and our suitemates were listening to music with their Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

Later in the dream, when I was walking through a hallway, I greeted someone walking past me who I thought was my male cousin ME.

But it was possibly a woman, not my cousin ME, this person did not respond to me greeting them, they kept walking, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

In this dream, I went to work at The BP Library, and I went into the IT Department to log in to my computer so that I could clock in.

But when I would try to type on the keyboard to log in, the text showing up on the screen was incorrect and messing up, like something was wrong with my keyboard or something.

Then maybe my coworker Ms. JM told me that my computer screen or account was somehow showing up on her computer.

I then I saw my coworker Ms. MW and an unknown woman in the hallway.

I decided to try restarting our computers, and that revealed unknown computer names for our computers instead of the actual names of our computers.

So I started a rebuild on both of our computers, hoping that would fix the problem.

Then I went to find a computer so that I could clock in.

Dream 4

This dream took place during the day, and I had just arrived outside the home of the parent’s of my former male classmate SS.

I was curious if any of his family was still living there or not.

I walked to the front door, it was open, to my surprise & confusion.

I stood in the doorway looking into the dark house with the only light being sunlight from the windows.

The inside looked mostly empty of furniture and abandoned, like no one had lived there in several years.

I then heard and saw an old van and a Jeep pulling up & parking in the yard behind me, and it was my former female coworker CP from The BP Library & an unknown overweight man with light-color skin.

I greeted CP, and she asked me for help.

She told me that she was buying the house, and that it was a good deal, with her getting it at a much lower price than expected.

She walked me inside to the family room by the kitchen, and she showed me an old style monitor & stand & TV setup with modern ones above it.

It was an interesting style and combination.

I then started to excitingly tell her about how I knew the people who used to live there, and I started to tell her about some of my memories of visiting SS & his brother MS when they used to live there.

I woke up as I told her which bedrooms used to be their’s et cetera.

Dream 5

This dream involved news / talk / rumors / private conversations / whatever of Donald Trump considering what his potential 2024 presidential campaign slogan should / could be.

He said, possibly partly serious & partly jokingly, that he was considering his potential 2024 slogan to be: “No we can’t.”.

An assumed twisting of Barack Obama’s “Yes we can.” slogan I assumed, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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