A Console Command | No Pants & A Fake Video & Standing Up To Soldiers

Dream 1

My memory of this dream is unclear now, I know that part of it involved a console command that you could enter into a terminal on a computer that listed all your passwords.

Someone kept using this console command in their quest to try all the foods that they could, and maybe for fights.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place in an unknown city, at some point I was at a college that I have dreamed of before, and I had false memories of.

I was walking inside one of the college buildings among college students when I realized that I did not have any pants on, just a: T-shirt, boxer briefs, and I assumed shoes & socks.

It was like my pants had magically disappeared or something, oddly no one seemed to have noticed, and so I left outside to find my pants before someone noticed.

My parents & some of my brothers had arrived by automobile to the parking lot outside, they were here to do something, but I am not sure what.

My pants were not in the automobile, and they did not have any spare pants.

So I would have to wait in their automobile until they finished doing whatever they were here to do before they could take me to buy some pants.

I told my mom how I had dreamed of & had been to this college before, and one or more times before I also ended up with missing clothes.

They were going to go inside and / or to whatever event / activity they were there for, it would probably take a long time, so I sat inside the automobile.

I then decided to walk around the nearby shopping center looking for some pants to buy, and then get something to eat.

In the shopping center area, every business was separate, even the ones in the same building or whose buildings were connected.

There were outdoor businesses there too, like food stands.

I saw a Chinese food stand that I wanted to return to later, but first I went to find some pants to buy.

I entered a fancy clothing store owned by a female supermodel with light-color skin with maybe long blonde hair who was there, I or someone I knew possibly knew her, but I can not remember.

I am not sure if I ever got pants or not while I was there or at any other business.

I just remember something happening that involved videos of a Bart Baker-like social media influencer / YouTuber / streamer knocking on the door of a one-story house in a nearby, nice upper class neighborhood by the shopping center.

The door appeared to have a yellow / orange / golden energy / magical barrier / shield that reacted when he knocked on the door.

Some people said that it was a fake video with special effects, and they explained why.

I felt that they were correct about that being a special effect.

I ended up finding out that was actually his house, and that special effects were used as expected.

I remember either seeing this in-person or in a video of him returning to that house, going inside, and maybe showing off some of the interior of his house.

I just know that when I reached the food stands, I missed my chance to get food before they closed, after getting distracted briefly as I looked around.

I got distracted by several short probably Mexican men with dark-medium color skin wearing dirty work clothes who spoke Spanish who had large chunks of solid heavy overcooked stale insect infested hard emergency food / bread / cake bar / block food-like things.

They were putting it on the counter of a food stand in front of me, trying to sell or trade it with the food stand owner for something, I assumed.

I then start returning home alone, once I reached a somewhat fictional version of DeRidder, a train-like vehicle full of Spanish soldiers or soldiers from another Spanish-speaking country were driving recklessly on normal streets.

They almost hit me and other vehicles & people, and they reached my neighborhood when I did.

They stopped in my neighborhood on the street that The E House is on, with plans to attack & recruit people in our neighborhood, it seemed.

I decided to stand up to them to prevent this, so I walked over to them.

Other people in the neighborhood, some with guns, joined me.

The soldiers saw that they were being surrounded, outnumbered, that we were standing our ground, so they gave up.

They then received orders, by phone or radio, to return to their country.

I was not sure if this was a false retreat or not, or if they would return later with more soldiers, so I was going to make sure that they left, and keep my guard up.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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